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PIT resources at dane.gov.pl

Information resources of the Information Point on Telecommunications (PIT) are published in Poland’s Open Data Portal. At the moment, at https://dane.gov.pl/ the Office presents 20 data sets including data from the Information System on Broadband Infrastructure (SIIS).

Four resource bases were published within the PIT data set:

  1. PIT – Procedures

The resource base presents the procedures and formalities resulting from the applicable law. They concern investors in broadband infrastructure and the administrative authorities that operate them.         

  1. API PIT – Rates for the right of way occupation

The service https://pitmap.uke.gov.pl/api/v1/stawki yields a JSON file containing the rates for the right of way occupation (over 1,900 LGUs).

  1. PIT – WMS network servicehttps://pitmap.uke.gov.pl/api/v1/geoserver/pit/wms
  2. PIT – WMTS network servicehttps://pitmap.uke.gov.pl/api/v1/geoserver/gwc/service/wmts

WMS and WMTS network services present spatial data in a map form, including:

After logging in:

  • Existing linear infrastructure
  • Planned linear infrastructure
  • Existing surface infrastructure
  • Planned surface infrastructure
  • Existing point infrastructure
  • Planned point infrastructure
  • GESUT data
  • Decisions

Without logging in:

  • Rates for the right of way occupation
  • Forest districts
  • Access to property
  • Decisions
  • SIIS: hotspots
  • SIIS: collocations
  • SIIS: lines
  • SIIS: planned expansion
  • SIIS: nodes

We invite you to actively use the data and services provided.

Subject: Office of Electronic Communications
Author: Justyna Nakrajnik
Publisher: Justyna Nakrajnik
Publication date: 13.08.20 09:50
Update date: 13.08.20 11:20