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Information Point on Telecommunications (PIT) – 1st stage

The basis for the project implementation

The Information Point on Telecommunications (PIT) was created in order to implement the provisions of Directive 2014/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks, into the Polish law.

The first version of PIT was launched by the President of UKE on 1 January 2017 on the basis of art. 29a item 1 and 2 of the Act of 7 May 2010 on supporting the development of telecommunications services and networks (Journal of Laws no. 106, item 675, as amended).

The development of the new version of PIT is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget under the Operational Program Digital Poland for 2014-2020. The development works on the project began in 2017.

As part of the project "Development of the Information Point on Telecommunications", a single sign-on mechanism based on WSO2 Identity Server was developed, which was integrated with the Electronic Services Platform of UKE (PUE), PIT and PZ (Trusted Profile).

The user can create an account at PIT using the Trusted Profile authentication and have access to the integrated systems.

Users with the account at PUE have immediate access to certain functionalities of the PIT system (publication portal) through a dedicated e-service.

Project objectives

The objective of the project is to allow telecommunications undertakings to access information held by the President of UKE on:

  • the formal and legal aspects of telecommunications investments,
  • the current status of infrastructure and its location,
  • the conditions of access to infrastructure.

PIT presents selected data from K-GESUT, i.e. the National Database of Geodetic Records of Utilities Network run by the Land Surveyor General and from e-services showing data from the district databases of geodetic records of utilities network.

Entrepreneurs can thus check the outline of the existing networks of technical infrastructure and service ducts, which will help them make business decisions, for example regarding the lease of elements of the existing network or service ducts.

In addition, PIT allows for the exchange of information by network operators, including local government units, about their networks or service ducts. This information is made available to other telecommunications undertakings interested in investments in a given area.

Benefits for telecommunications undertakings

Quicker access to information about:

  • the existing technical infrastructure,
  • plans related to infrastructure,
  • service ducts,
  • rates for the right of way occupation.

Quicker and easier access to data in PIT will optimize the decision-making process regarding the launch of the investment.

Available e-services

Catalogue of procedures - all procedures and formalities regarding investing in telecommunications infrastructure. A set of formal requirements necessary for the commencement of construction works, their proper performance and for their completion and the use of the infrastructure.

Information on the required decisions, applications and notifications to competent authorities, as well as exemptions from the obligation to receive or submit them.

Web directory - internet addresses of the websites of the owners, perpetual usufructuaries or property managers, which contain information on the conditions of access to real estates for the purposes specified in art. 30 item 1 and 3 and art. 33 item 1 of the Act on supporting the development of telecommunications services and networks.

Transfer of information in interactive and bulk mode - enabling the obliged entities to provide and update information in accordance with the Act on supporting the development of telecommunications networks and services. The collected data concern the existing technical infrastructure and service ducts, investment plans related to technical infrastructure, rates for the right of way occupation. The functionality of data transfer and update is available only to authorized users, the data processing is automatic. It is possible to transfer information in bulk using a dedicated client application provided by UKE (on the PIT portal).

Searching for information about infrastructure (planned, existing) – the data acquired as part of the service "Transfer of information in interactive and bulk mode" can be searched and downloaded in the form of configurable reports by authorized entities (telecommunications undertakings).

Work schedule


work schedule

Changes to the Information Point on Telecommunications (PIT) – 2nd stage

The Information Point on Telecommunications will be adapted to the needs of telecommunications undertakings in order to enable them to obtain information needed to commence the investment process, as well as transfer data on telecommunications infrastructure.

The basis for starting work on the new project is the amendment to Article 29 of the Act of 7 May 2010 on supporting the development of telecommunications services and networks (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2062, as amended), currently during the legislative process. The amendment concerns the scope of stocktaking; reporting on physical routing of networks and bi-annual data transfers will also be introduced.

From 2021, this process will undergo changes, which is why new functionalities will be added to the PIT system.

Benefits for users

  • direct access to data concerning telecommunications infrastructure entered by telecommunications undertakings, without intermediation of other systems (Information System for Broadband Infrastructure, SIIS) and other institutions,
  • quick and easy access for telecommunications undertakings to data necessary for the construction or expansion of telecommunications networks,
  • one system intended for the performance of all reporting obligations towards the President of UKE, allowing to take care of all matters overseen by the NRA, raise the quality of e-services offered by the public administration by means of developing new functions enabling telecommunications undertakings to transfer data on the telecommunications infrastructure in a timely manner and to the extent compliant with the amendment to the Act on supporting the development of telecommunications services and networks.

Work schedule